RLC23 - Central device

Level Crossing Protection System RLC23 is a modular solution for all types of level crossings.

Unique PC application enables configuration of different requirements related to the functionality of the system and to the operation of the external protection elements of a level crossing.

  • Modular system based on the in-house microprocessor platform APIS-RLC consists of two independent subsystems A and B.
  • Configurable and adjustible safety structure of each subsystem:
  • Basic configuration of the system has three consecutive sections for the activation/deactivation of the level crossing and for the train detection on the level crossing area, other configurations may have multiple sections.
  • One system has a possibility of driving up to 8 road signals (light + sound); 2 pairs of barriers or half-barriers, functioning independently in time; up to 8 control signals for the train driver.
  • Lanterns for road light signals can be performed with double-filament bulbs or with LEDs.
  • Remote control unit in the nearest station is an integral part of the RLC23 system, it communicates with the main platform on the level crossing over the DSL (1 or 2 twisted pairs) or optical cable.
  • The possibility of connecting up to 4 RLC23 devices in one remote communication control network.
  • Interface with any type of station interlocking system (relay or microprocessor based) is provided in the station on the remote control unit.
  • The possibility of connecting the automatic block (relay or micropocessor based) through DSL (1 or 2 twisted pairs) or optical cable to the indoor equipment.
  • PC application for the system functioning configuration.
  • Current of each light signal is monitored on the analogue inputallowed current ranges are configurable through the PC application as well as barriers lowering / rising time and other parameters.
  • Each signal is monitored by both subsystems.
  • If needed, additional LED road signalisation, video surveillance, obstacle detection device and additional equipment can be delivered.
  • It is possible to deliver the complete system consisting of ALTPRO road and driver's inication signals and barriers. The device can independently operate signals and barriers of other suppliers.
  • The complete service includes project design, installation and activation of the system, as well as tehnical support, education and training of the user.
  • Hot-swap of modules for power-on replacement of modules without safety degradation of the system.
  • The possibility of remote diagnostics and failure notifications via SMS or e-mail. According to error codes displayed on the screen accurate diagnostics is possible.
  • The system is developed and certified according to standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 for the highest safety integrity level SIL4 as well as EN 50125-3 for outdoor conditions and EN 50121 -4 for EMC. RLC23 is assessed and certified by TUV Rheinland.