PB13 - Half barrier

Barriers and halfbarriers are providing additional safety for traffic participants by creating a physical obstacle for road vehicles when the level crossing protection system is switched on.

Learn more about this product:

  • Barrier Drive PB13 uses a 24 V DC electric motor for rising and lowering the barrier arms. The electric motor is fitted with an electromagnetic brake which provides locking of the barrier in vertical, horizontal or current position.
  • The Barrier Drive door has three locks - two for mechanical latching to the frame and a key lock to prevent unauthorized door opening.
  • Barrier arm length up to 7,5 m.
  • In specific cases, there is also the possibility to manually operate the barrier drive, using a mechanical lever, in which case the electric motor and the brake are automatically switched-off.
  • Configurable arm lifting and lowering times and detection of broken barrier arm.
  • Built-in heater for the barrier drive.