Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Personal data

ALTPRO d.o.o. is very serious about protecting the privacy of your personal information and implements all technical and organisational measures required by best practices, Croatian laws and the General Data Protection Regulation (EC 2016/679) – GDPR.

ALTPRO d.o.o. processes personal data in compliance by Privacy by default / design principles.

These rules (Terms) determine and regulate how ALTPRO d.o.o. uses and protects all the information that natural persons leave when using the website

A personal data is any information relating to a particular natural person or a natural person that can be determined. Specifically, personal data is considered to be all the information that identifies the person's identity (e.g.  name and surname, e-mail address, address of residence, etc.).

Personal data processing is any act or set of actions performed on personal data, whether by automatic means or not, such as collecting, capturing, organizing, saving, modifying, retrieving, inspecting, using, detecting, transmitting, posting, or otherwise made available, categorized or combined, blocked, deleted or destroyed, and the implementation of logical, mathematical and other operations with these data.

Data Controller is ALTPRO d.o.o., Velika cesta 41, 10020 Zagreb – Odra.

ALTPRO d.o.o   appointed   Personal Data Protection Officer.  Please send all your inquiries to:

Address: ALTPRO d.o.o., Velika cesta 41, 10020 Zagreb - Odra, n / r Personal Data Protection Officer
E-mail address:

By registering at  you agree that ALTPRO d.o.o. handles your personal information listed in the registration form. The same information is used for informational purposes and for the purpose of promoting the services and products of ALTPRO d.o.o.. ALTPRO d.o.o. undertakes to preserve the privacy of personal data and will act with it in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act or other applicable regulations. All above mentioned personal data ALTPRO d.o.o. may not be used or made available to third parties, unless such special law permits or is necessary for the purpose of the fulfillment of the contractual obligations. All employees of ALTPRO d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for respecting the privacy principles.

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, you will be granted access to the data on your request and you will be able to correct them.
The consent to processing your personal information is valid until recall. You can cancel your consent at any time by sending a mail to
Revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing your data before it is revoked.


The rules on the treatment of “cookies” uses "cookie" programs as session identifiers or cookies containing the so-called  'Session id' to ensure that your page browser recognizes and remembers your browser during the session .
In order to make this site more enjoyable, functional and convenient, this web site saves a certain amount of information on your computer, so-called cookies. They serve to make the site work optimally and to enhance your browsing and user experience. By visiting and using this website, you agree to use cookies that can be blocked. After that you will still be able to view the webpage but some features will not be available.

What is a cookie?
The cookie is part of the information stored on your computer, cell phone or tablet, which can be delivered directly from the web site you visit (first-party cookies) or in collaboration and for the needs of third-party websites (third party cookies). Cookies usually save your settings, web site settings, etc. Once you open a webpage again, your web browser sends back the cookies that belong to this site. This allows the page to display information tailored to your needs. Cookies can have a wide range of information, including a piece of personal information. Such information can only be saved if you enable it. The same web site can not access the information that you have not provided and can not access any other file on your computer. The site  uses Google Analytics (site visitor statistics without user's personal information). Go to Google Analytics to see the policy for cookies.

How to disable them?
If you want to disable the saving of cookies on your computer, you can do so. The act of blocking itself may have a negative impact on the use of the website. To disable cookies, you need to set the settings and configurations of your web browser. In the browser menu, select help and information about the cookies and follow the instructions.

What are Temporary Cookies?
Temporary or session cookies are removed from your computer when you close your browser. With them, websites store temporary data.

What are permanent cookies?
Permanent or saved cookies remain on your computer after you close the Internet browser program. With them, websites store information such as login name and password, so you do not have to sign in for each visit to a particular location.