Zvonimir Viduka in panel discussion

Director of ALTPRO Zvonimir Viduka participated as a panelist in a conference "5 years of Croatia and EU".

Conference was imagined as a point of experience and success stories exchange between companies and government officials. Financial reports were also presented and showed that Croatia has a sufficit when it comes to Croatian payments towards EU and vice versa.

ALTPRO represented export oriented companies which had significant success on the joint EU market. "Border barriers removal and simplification of various procedural details helped ALTPRO a lot in our development on EU market. Furthermore, the perception of ALTPRO as a producer from EU is a great benefit on markets outside of European Union. Generally, we had benefitted a lot from EU membership. We believe that Croatia made an imprint in these 5 years and we have a potential to do much more." emphasized mr. Viduka.