Metro China 2015

Representatives of company Altpro had business meetings with their Chinese partners during which future cooperation and projects were discussed. Also, Altpro exhibited their products on „Metro China 2015“ fair with partner company, which was held in Beijing from 17th to 20th of November.

Altpro Company visited Chinese partners from 13th to 24th of November. During the visit, Altpro representatives had a chance to talk to their potential customers in the railways. Also, Altpro exhibited their products in the big railway fair „Metro China 2015“ in the cooperation with the partner. There was a lot of potental customers from China railways on the fair and they were interested in Altpro products for railway and tram/metro applications. On the fair, Altpro was just one of the few European companies and the only company from eastern Europe. The Company collected a big amount of useful information regarding this specific market.
Delegation was also invited to the partner company headquarters regarding projects inside and outside of China.

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