ALTPRO impresses at NT Expo!

Premier ALTPRO exhibition in Brasil went beyond expectations! It is now evident that ALTPRO product portfolio is of great interest to the railways of Brasil and the whole South America. Numerous new and promising contacts have been made. ALTPRO AUTOSTOP system was especially interesting because of its cost-benefit ratio and large range of possibilities it offers. First projects are expected till the end of this year. By participating in this exhibiton, ALTPRO  left a strong imprint on the visitors of the fair and profiled itself as the new strong competitor on the South American market.

ALTPRO's booth was also visited by the Croatian honorary consul in Sao Paolo Oswaldo Julio Müller da Silva (picture 5).

ALTPRO representative made a noticed presentation of the Company and products at ELAN meeting (European and Latin American Business Services and Innovation). You can see more about the presentation and the fair in our picture gallery.