01. June 2018. New innovative level crossing system type RLC23 in Montenegro On 24.5.2018. ALTPRO installed the new level crossing protection system type RLC23 on LX... Read more

07. June 2018. Upcoming event – ILCAD 2018 Internationally recognized conference „ILCAD 2018“ is happening this year in Zagreb, Croatia! It is an... Read more

24. May 2018. „Transport for today's society“ conference in Macedonia As a lecturer and sponsor, ALTPRO participated in the conference „Transport for today's society“ in... Read more

22. May 2018. Zvonimir Viduka and Croatian academy of engineering Director of ALTPRO mr. Zvonimir Viduka becomes the member of Croatian academy of engineering in the entrepreneurship... Read more

17. May 2018. RSA 2018 recap See more about our exhibition on RSA 2018 on Facebook and LinkedIn. Read more

27. April 2018. Official opening of the new innovation and development centre ODRA 2 ODRA 2, ALTPRO's new innovation and development centre, has been opened officially on the 27th of April in... Read more